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staghound cross border collie

He is an energetic dog who will need at least 60 minutes of intense exercise every day, and he would be fantastic at a doggy agility course. He will either take the coat colorings of the Collie, sometimes the pepper and salt coloring of the Schnauzer, and the curly and somewhat wiry Schnauzer texture. He is now 21 weeks and weights 38lbs. Medium Female Border Collie x Staghound Mix Dog I've been adopted! Border Springers have a sweet face with large round eyes that will melt the hardest of hearts. The sire and dam in this breed are interchangeable (i.e. Edgar is a fantastic dog in the home and mixes exceptionally well with dogs he lives with. 22. As it’s a cross breed, the appearance of your Border-collie Labrador Mix will never be certain. This guy’s coat could take the black and white or the golden, but rarely a mixture of both. We’ve had him almost 4 months. You should check and clean her eyes and ears regularly and clean her teeth. He will likely crave the attention of his humans, so he should be placed with a family that will not leave him alone for too long. All Border Collie crosses are energetic and need to be worked or exercised hard in order for them to be happy. Does anyone recommend a male versus female? Not a significant difference compared to the Aussie. However, he still requires around 60 minutes of exercise every day and would love this to include water sports of some sort. This delightful dog is becoming increasingly popular being favored by those who prefer an elegant doggy with a bit more gusto! She was very nervous. She was the most loving, loyal and friendly dog I had ever had as well as being a good ‘watch dog’ and letting us know if anyone was around. The Border-collie Labrador mix is pretty low maintenance on the grooming front. Best thing we did!! Meaning if they don’t have the exercise and stimulation they need, they will become destructive. Browse our reputable breeders in Pa, Ohio, Indiana and more. This is obviously going to have a strong herding instinct. The Kelpie Collie is another rare breed, and one that looks very foxy. About a fortnight after losing her I was given the opportunity of owning yet another of this wonderful mix. Border Collie Trust Rescue Staffordshire Border Collie Rescue Richmond, North Yorkshire Border Collies in Rescues at Border Springer. I have had my border collie/lab mix since he was a puppy. She is 14 weeks old and weighs about 25 pounds already! However, they have been steadily increasing in popularity for whatever reason. They suit all families; happily co-existing with other family pets and being a loyal ally to children of all ages. Borador)? He has 2 different color eyes! Bored dogs aren’t happy dogs! We have their sister and she is amazing. I called her Cadie. This boy will love nothing more than to snuggle with his humans at the end of an energetic day. Thanks to their Collie parent they have outstanding intelligence; a consistent routine with positive reinforcement and reward will ensure you have no issues training them. So, What is a Border Collie Lab Mix (i.e. Look at pictures of Border Collie puppies who need a home. The Border-collie Labrador Mix can range in it’s appearance, sometimes looking very similarly to one of it’s parents. This gentle, happy pooch will definitely keep you on your toes, but it’s wagging tail will always be by your side. As we said earlier in the article, these guys are a dream to train. Best dog I have ever had. This pup looks like a Husky, and is often confused for them because their looks are so similar. He will be friendly and sweet with his family, and a little more excitable and energetic outside of the home, so you get the best of both worlds. Let’s have a look at this pooch in more detail, where she came from, what it takes to look after her on a daily basis and whether she lives up to her reputation. Breed Personality and Border Collie Lab Mix Temperament, Appearance of a Borador: Coat, Color and Grooming, A Complete Guide To The Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix, Rottweiler Dog: 10 Facts You Should Know Before Buying, 14 Facts About Samoyed Dogs To Know Before Buying, Teacup Yorkie: What To Know Before Buying, Great Pyrenees [9 Facts About The Noble Pyrenean Mountain Dog], Pomeranian Husky: The Complete Dog Breed Overview and Guide, 19 Reasons Why The Labradoodle Is The Best Doodle. They are active dogs who love to be social and like to tag along with their owners everywhere they can. He is now in the later years of his life, age 11. Because of his Jack Russell parent which is an equally energetic breed, they will have loads of energy. This is our first time with this breed, he starts puppy training Wednesday and we have been training him, I am going to look into agility classes next! However, Border-collie Labrador dogs generally grow to around 17” in height and can weigh up to 65lbs! We will be together 24/7. Bella is the 2nd borador I have owned. The Great Border is the tallest on this list, so if you’ve got the high ceilings, we’ve got the breed for you. Perhaps she’s more Boxer than Lab. As much as we hope the parent’s temperaments contribute to this, we also need to acknowledge that the environment plays a huge part. Border Collie Mix puppies for sale. He may or may not inherit the stumpy tail of the Brittany, but regardless it will wag until the sun goes down. He weighs about 80 lbs. As with any cross-breed, the idea was to produce a new dog with the positive qualities found in its parent’s breed. She will bark and she will chew the legs off your chairs! This medium to large breed’s favorite things will include water, belly rubs, all the attention and plenty of exercise. Staghound x border collie pups. His loyalty and trainability might make this dog one of the most obedient on this list. His coat will have a little kink to it too. Labradors are people pleasers; making them a dream to train! His paws are to large for any boots we have tried in the snow. I will train her to be my Service Dog. Their tails are not likely to be docked like most Corgis. His coat will be feathery, and he will shed a lot throughout the year. After only a few days he knew basic commands. Depending on the size of his Beagle parent, Siberian Husky Mixes: 20 Different Beautiful Cross Breeds, Teddy Bear Dog Breeds: 20 Adorable Pups (With Pictures), Alaskan Malamute Siberian Husky Mix: Alusky Breed Information. First vaccinations and dewormed. Deafness – This is a common issue found in Collies. She is playful, loyal, and the friendliest dog I have ever had. For this reason, whatever cross you choose, you need to be sure that your new canine addition will have plenty of exercise and a lot of mental stimulation in the form of work, training, or interactive games. The Borador is the cross between a Lab and a Border Collie. In 1991, Labrador registrations topped the list in the AKC; this reign has stood ever since. As the Border Collie Labrador Mix is a cross breed it is impossible to say for certain the size of dog you will end up with. He can be hard to deal with when you come home from work if you work a hard labor job like myself. He may have a short or medium length coat, and the coat takes any dog color thanks to his colorful staffy parent. If he has a short coat then you will be able to see his defined muscles, if it is slightly longer then you probably won’t be able to, but either way expect a strong canine here who will certainly need leash training! What does this mixed breed look and act like? Most Aggressive Dog Breeds: What Breeds Are Considered Dangerous. I bet everyone reading this can think of someone who has a Labrador Retriever in their family? Much smaller than the Collie, he makes a great option if you want a smaller pup. She needs to experience everything the world has to offer, slowly and in a safe way. It is more than likely that he will inherit the coloring or patterning of the Husky rather than the Collie coat, and he will also be quite a fluffy pup. Playful, bright, and energetic, the Sheltie bears a strong family resemblance to their cousin the Collie. With his gundog and herding parentage, you can expect this boy to go all day long, and he doesn’t really care what he does as long as he does it with his humans. Possibly the most popular Border Collie mix, the Borderdoodle is a curly-haired pup who usually takes the black and white colors of the Collie. I have a beautiful Borador. She is total foodie and reward based training is brilliant for her, the description of this breed above is totally spot on! It seems to be associated with Merle Collies. Our puppy, Brady never got any formal training as neither my husband nor I had the time or energy. This guy is so intense and untiring that he is not suited to most families, and needs a minimum of 90 minutes exercise every day. He will be super intelligent and super energetic, so he must be placed with a family that can match his exercise and mental stimulation needs, otherwise he’ll destroy everything in sight. He is super intelligent, energetic and somewhat needy, so this guy needs a family that can commit a lot of time to him, otherwise he’ll become destructive. Testing can be carried out and dogs with affected joints should not be bred. This is another protective Collie cross, and one that would make an ideal herding dog given his double-herding parentage. Crosses of the old Roman’s dogs with the Viking’s dogs produced what we now know as the Border Collie. The parent’s size is a good indicator. 4 males... $125.00: Cow Dogs for Sale: Border Collie Male 6 Weeks SOLD This is Monte- a six-week old border collie pup in need of a job. Their astounding intelligence, ranking number one of all dogs breeds, and work ethic means they are a dream to train. © 2020 Love Your Dog, All rights reserved. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. Measuring between 21 and 25 inches and weighing anywhere between 50 to 90 pounds, the Bordernese is another large Bernese mix who will be strong and powerful. The Labrador has been around from the mid 1800s. He will measure 22 to 26 inches and weigh a whopping 60 to 120 pounds, which is big enough to keep his sheep in check. Breeds: Border Collie & Standard Schnauzer. Funny and inspirational stories are welcome, and no question is too basic. He may have short or medium length hair, and it is likely that he will take the black and white colors of the Collie, but with the spotting, or roan, coloring of the Pointer parent. We are looking at adopting a rescue and I was curious if there are big differences in energy levels or temperament? Both of these dogs are the kindest, smartest, and nicest dogs you will ever find. Generally, they tend to look very similarly to either one of their parents. As they are mix, it is sometimes difficult to predict how big they will get. He will measure between 14 and 19 inches tall and weigh between 24 and 45 pounds. This is a similar weight range for most Poodle mixed breeds, as long as they are mixed with the standard size Poodle. He has a lot of energy, stamina, strength and intelligence, and as such needs around 1 hour of exercise a day to keep him happy and out of trouble. The American staghound has all of the physical and mental characteristics needed for running down his quarry. Full of love, beans, and loyalty, you’re in for a treat with this sociable mix. The Golden Border will measure between 19 and 23 inches, and weigh between 40 and 65 pounds. I want a female. BUCKHORN, TX, US. He is possibly one of the best herding dogs on this list so if you are looking for a ranch hand then this might be the guy for the job. A bored Collieweiler can be a destructive one, so be sure to work that intelligent brain of his. His coat will be thick and fluffy, and will usually take on the black, brown and white colors of both parents. I have no regrets about our decision to stay with this mix of breeds. My late husband and I got him as a rescue. Anyone have similar issues? Testing can be carried out and those dogs demonstrating a predisposition should not be bred from. Rochdale Dog Rescue Lancashire DOGS ON THE NOTICE BOARD. These dogs usually attach to one person and are super loyal to the one that he views as his main master. He will have a short and tight coat that will be sleek and shiny, sometimes slightly longer if his Collie parent has a longer coat, but more than likely sport the black and white colorings. This pup will measure between 19 and 24 inches tall and will weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. Ideally a puppy’s daily food allowance should be split into four meals. Hi Camille! I have a 9 year old borador named Weezer. We just lost our Lab-Border Collie mix. She gets along well with adults and children. Dog Group: Herding Size: 20-21 inches tall, 25-45 lbs Lifespan: 10-16 years Energy Level: Very High Coat: Medium-long and dense Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. As a puppy, try to have a consistent routine; let them out for the toilet after each meal and at regular intervals throughout the day. The Border Collie Labrador mix sounds almost too good to be true. But, keep them active; they need daily exercise with plenty of mental stimulation. Large drop-down triangle ears will take over his face, and his coat will be black, tan and white. It is also likely that he will inherit the whiskered snout. The Labrador’s scavenging nature means food rewards are top of the list. The most common marking is a white flare up their chest; just like the Collies! She was the best dog that I have had and your article is so correct, easy to train, great with people, people pleasing, great with kids, loyal, loves to be busy, like some consistency, and just the most perfect dog. If you’re looking for a friendly, lovable, easy to train mixed breed, I would highly recommend you check this mix out. clicker training) and rewards. They are loving, reliable, stable and easy to train. Very sociable with other dogs and is great around children. She is a very clever little girl, and very easy to house train and teach due to the fact that. We got a border collie/lab mix on 8/5/2019 when he was 10 weeks. We have been told she is large for her age, and are trying to estimate how big she will get! Sounds like a great dog Susan! We found her as a rescue in Texas and she proved to be the best dog we have ever had. Large drop-down ears and big round eyes also add to his charm.


I am in love with this breed. The cross between a Border Collie and a Shetland Sheepdog is also known as a Border Sheepdog. I've booked a trainer to visit as she now runs off chasing rabbits and hares. In this guide we’ll run you through 30 of the most adorable Collie combos around and discover whether one of them is the ideal pooch for you! The Border Aussie is an expected mix, and for good reason! Cow Dogs for Sale: Border Collie Aussie Cross Pups 3/4 Bordeer Collie. We are currently trying to get the biting under control it’s been 13 years since we have had a puppy. He is a borderlab mix. The Border Collie is a well balanced, medium-sized dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength. With plenty of hair this guy would prefer a colder climate. Possibly the most energetic mix on this list, he should only be placed with an active family that can guarantee between 1 and 1 ½ hours of exercise every day, and because he is so intelligent it is important that his exercise is varied. The Border Point is a surprisingly popular mixed breed, who is willing to please his master at every given opportunity. The most common color is black with white markings, but they can be solid black and have even been yellow or brown! But if you provide his body and mind with what he needs he’ll become a loving four-legged family addition. It is both nature and nurture that produces a perfect family dog. I just adopted my new Borador puppy, Cleo, from the humane society. The Borgi will measure between 10 to 21 inches tall and weigh between 30 to 40 pounds, and be a medium sized breed. How much exercise did you provide your dog daily? Due to the high intelligence of the Collie and the Labrador’s want to please people, these guys are a dream to train. 6. my dog is a rescue from Roumania, she was 3-4 years when we got her. The Border Collie as we know him today is an agile and intelligent dog, bred to herd and work the rocky terrain of Wales and Scotland. Mom is 1/2 border collie, 1/2 hangin tree. I put her food down at the same times everyday but she just won’t eat. He socializes very well with other animals. looks most like collie lab. The only downside is the she has a lot of allergies to foods, which I read is common. Next concern is for the shedding, how much does your dog shed? Most Boradors measure between 20 and 23 inches in height, and weigh between 40 to 70 pounds. She is lanky and gangly and she has long legs and a skinny body and a funny shaped head. 1/4 Australian Shepherd pups for sale. I dread the day when I no longer have him as a companion. Border Collie/Pembroke Corgi cross 8 weeks old. She is certainly missed as there will never be another one life this special dog. He is the largest mix on this list, so you best make sure that he has plenty of room to stretch out as he measures 26 inches and above and weighs anywhere between 80 and 150 pounds (possibly larger). This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. Owners should realize that Staghounds throughout history have been bred for one purpose: hunting. Size : Large : Large : Weight : Male: 60-70 pounds (27-32 kg), Female: 53-65 pounds (24-29 kg) Male: 30-45 pounds (14-20 kg), Female: 27-42 pounds (12-19 kg) Whilst he is easy-going, his personality will require firm training due to his strength, intelligence and energy, and he will need around 60 minutes of exercise every day. Thanks for commenting! Her confidence is building and I am sure she is going to be just as loyal and loving as our first Borador. This guy is loyal and devoted, craving the attention of his entire family. Both parent breeds were originally bred as working dogs (to herd cattle and sheep) and were utilized for their obedience. Her ears and eyes would be cleaned, and nails trimmed. This very special Aussie dog is 12 months old. The adult dog reaches a medium size, standing at a height between 16 to 22 inches, and weighing 22 to 32 pounds.A Border Jack will usually have the body shape typical of a Jack Russell with a narrow chest and body. However she has her own agenda at times and cant understand why we don’t see things her way. The American Staghound is primarily the result of Scottish Deerhound and Greyhound genetics of unknown genetic percentages. They will definitely keep you on your toes. This mix will be the ultimate herder come flock protector, so if you live somewhere remote and need someone to watch over your flock, he will show you his best skills. There seems to have been a stable interest in that time. Related Videos. You also have the option to feed raw? The Collie Cocker often looks like a little Border Collie but with the cute curly-haired ears of the Cocker Spaniel. He needs at least 1 hour of intense exercise every day in order to be happy. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Perfect size for a female. Some heart conditions can be inherited. His large sticky-up triangle ears will take center stage, and his big coat will need a lot of grooming. Females usually are slightly smaller. Out of working parents. So is it time for you to get a Border Collie Lab mix? Despite them having that happy go lucky face – they can be deemed quite highly strung. She is now 9 months old, walks well on leash but very easily distracted. She passed away in November, 2019. This  means the Bordermute will be slightly larger than other Border Collie mixes. Unfortunately, some Border-collie Labrador mixes are presenting with some of the same health conditions. So she is on a high quality, non gmo, limited ingredient diet. He will be a muscular dog who will measure between 16 and 20 inches tall and weigh 25 to 50 pounds. He will usually take the long and squat body shape of the Corgi, but with the Collie coat and coloring, and his large ears and cheeky smile will be his signature features. In the evening, once you’ve worn him out of course, he’ll kick back and relax with you and the whole family. The Border Collie has been ranked as the 35th most popular dog breed in America in 2020. I love this dog so much. They sought an agile herder with an impeccable work ethic. Let’s have a look at the other parent. Heart Issues – more and more Labradors are presenting with heart disease and defects. The Border collie breed is very loyal and will make a faithful companion. He is slightly shorter than his Collie parent too, and measures between 15 to 20 inches tall and weighs 25 to 45 pounds. This little 4 month old girl is a Border Collie x Staghound puppy. Breeds: Border Collie & Bernese Mountain Dog. For a Border Collie Lab Mix puppy you should expect to pay anywhere between $200-$500. Breeds: Border Collie & Jack Russell Terrier. The Brittany Border will take on the black, white, orange and liver colors of both parents. However no 2 will be exactly the same. One of the rarer mixes on this list, the Alaskan Malamute is an elegant and sophisticated doggo that is fit for a King. They are energetic and happy; they love nothing more than playing ball in the yard and hiking in the woods. He loves attention and long walks. These qualities mean they will fit in with any family. We know they respond best to a consistent routine, positive reinforcement training (i.e. Borderlands are intelligent and playful. All Border Collie found here are from AKC-Registered parents. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. Lancaster Puppies has your Border Collie for sale. Ensure you can always see a waistline and that you can feel his ribs. If you start these checks from a young age, it makes it much easier when they’re fully grown. Such a sweet personality! I had a Black Lab Border Collie dog that I rescued. This pet is no longer available On Hold Enquire about Peppa Randolph Find available pets like this! The breed was developed to herd livestock, especially sheep. Boasted as the most friendly dogs of all time, we can see why. She was nearly 17 when she passed away, a great loss to our family. Mostly tri-color with... $400.00-$500.00. The Borderstiff is another dubious mix, but again he works by creating a well-balanced pup. The information and content on All Things Dogs is intended to be used for a general nature only. The only issue we’re having is that she doesn’t eat. Very intelligent and loyal. She was a rescue. Also, the fact that it is rare means that it is unique so go out there and get yourself a Border collie Britt. According to the AKC, these are not an official colors of the Border Collie. Breeds: Border Collie & American Pitbull Terrier. Everyone will love this laidback mixed pup, and he will be particularly fond of children! I have had her since she was 3 months ago. We saw his mom but he gets his size from dad the golden lab. We could only take one. Another rarer mix, the Brittany Border isn’t a geographical region, he is an energetic dog that will never ever stop, so you best be ready for his energy and intensity. Sometimes kibble isn’t that enticing for some dogs, whereas wet food can give off a stronger, aroma. I just hope the next one will be just as sweet and as easy to train as her. The Border Heeler is the pup of two fantastic herding breeds, so if it is a herding employee you’re after then he has all the canine qualifications. She should understand that kids move pretty quickly, but that’s OK – if they’re getting too much she can just move herself away. Woof! She loves other animals. This is a breed I would gladly get again. However, as it’s a mixed breed, and is not currently registered with any major Kennel Clubs, it is classed as a companion or designer dog. We adopted him for our granddaughters who can not live full time with a dog due to allergies. Even without proper training he has been a great comfort to me. They have picked up their friendly genes from their Labrador parent – but remember you also need to socialize them if you truly want this well-rounded dog that everyone talks about. One half of the Borador, the Border Collie. Last Updated: November 18, 2020 | 19 min read. Each day, many new puppies are born, and people … The typical Border Collie will weigh 27 to 45 pounds. Sheep will not mess with the Borgi! See more ideas about Borzoi, Dogs, Animals. Thanks to the Collie parent we see deafness and elbow dysplasia and thanks to the Labrador parent we are seeing hip dysplasia, cataracts and heart issues. We got her very young appx at 3-5 weeks old. Because of this fact, the Border Collie mix was bound to make many appearances on the designer doggy scene sooner or later. They generally have a longer, softer coat than a Labrador. My husband passed away when Brady was 3. History: The Border Collie originated in the United Kingdom in the 1800s for use as a herding dog and guard dog, along with a variety of other sheep herding dogs.Over time, certain kinds of these sheepdogs became preferable …

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