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exotic freshwater aquarium fish

This allows for ASD to promote items that are more effective to promote via Amazon versus selling on this site due to shipping costs, the vendor's choice to only carry through Amazon, or order minimums. African butterflyfish or freshwater butterflyfish is another one long-liver, who survived dinosaurs, and it’s quite possible, that the fish will survive us, too. They will also breed in the aquarium, which has created an industry of cichlid breeders where some top strains will sell for several hundred to thousands of dollars. here’s no greater feeling in the world than to reach home to something so sublime it swirls your worries away. With over 1,500 species, they are the largest family of aquarium fish. aOur freshwater aquariums are full of the healthy freshwater fish. Some of them can live in a tank with other fish and the others will consider their tank mates as a tasty feed. Scouts honor . Just look at this video by Mbuna Marcus of his Wolf Cichlid. Flowerhorn cichlids are undoubtedly some of the most exotic freshwater fish in the world, with their bright pastel coloration and — you guessed it — flower horn heads. The vampire tetra is well known for her aggressive nature, and should be fed only by live food.It can be kept in larger aquariums, but often outgrows her tanks. Pat yourself on the back for an amazing decision that you’ve made. Shop today and get free shipping on qualifying orders! Typical Size: 12-16″ Typical Lifespan: 10-12 years We’ve been in business since 1987 and have dedicated our lives to farming and shipping aquatic livestock! In fact, the most expensive koi on the list demands a staggering price tag of over $2,000,000! Cardinal Tetras & Rumynose are among the most difficult of this species. Take a look! Hah, but you can never stop the real fans by this stuff, so we already have its juveniles on sale. Different cichlids feature vibrant colors including: blue, green, red, orange, yellow…the list goes on! Roseline Torpedo Shark – Sahyadria denisonii. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order! We would love you hear your experiences. They’re really for more experienced fish keepers thanks to their aggressive behavior and tendency towards certain diseases. A very beautiful exotic freshwater fish that originates from Malaysia. There are also legends stating that if a Koi climbed the waterfall on the Yellow River, it would be transformed to a Koi Dragon. We import our fish from South America, West Africa, and South East Asia. TOP 15 fishes, that are not for the everyone. Oh, and they breathe the outer air. They come in a variety of colors including reds, blues, pinks, yellows, and oranges. African cichlids are at the top of the list of the most colorful freshwater fish you are … But what is the Best Aquarium Controller? Sergey is a founder and author of These fish look a bit unusual due to the shape of their mouths that looks a lot like the … What species exactly were used for this is still a big secret, but now we have this awesome fish, that drives crazy lots of people in the East. If you are thinking about an aquarium for your home or business for ambiance and not looking to become hobbyist, we recommend freshwater fish. Our team also breeds some of our own imported wild and domesticated livestock. Take your time and look through our massive selections of tropical fish. They are very social with members of their own species. Aquarium Store Depot is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We don’t know for sure how the fish brings money, but we definitely know that arowana with exotic coloring takes quite a lot of money away from the house (since it’s quite an expensive fish). The most expensive Pleco to date was the L250 Pleco sold back in 2004 for over $10,000 in Japan; however, most Plecos do not sell anywhere near that . And what does it look like…well..usually it’s hard to say for those, who see it for the first time – what exactly do they see? Well, this isn’t just one fish, this is a lot of different by size and coloring fishes. When it comes to beauty and exotic fish, many hobbyists point to saltwater fish. So if you are looking to start a new tank or want to add to your community tank, we have a variety of fish … When one thinks of exotic freshwater fish, this is usually the fish most people think of. It can do the same while living in a tank, so be careful and don’t leave any gaps. We have a wide variety of fish at reasonable prices for sale online. Koi can be wonderful partners for their highly reactive nature. One more thing about tetraodon fish is that they can puff up like a ball to make a raptor’s breakfast less pleasant. However, there are a variety of exotic freshwater fish available in the hobby today. Barbs. Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish) Bichir. While there are no known cases of a freshwater stingray causing a human fatality, they have been cases where the sting has caused numbness at the wound site several years later! The matter is, that tetraodon’s teeth grow fast and they have to be milled by a swiss file or the fish has to eat something hard like snails, for example, to do it itself. 130 most popular aquarium fishes. With a wide variety of freshwater fish species available, we carry tropical fish as well as cold water fish that are perfect for planted tank setups or cute desktop aquariums and nano-tanks. There are common plecos which can get fairly large typically around 12-18 inches in length and there are smaller varieties like bristle nose Plecos which are suitable for smaller aquariums. Freshwater elefantfish and butterflyfish, flower horn cichlid and chinese hillstream loach… In this article you’ll find out about 10 very unlike fishes, however they all have 2 things in common: they are unique and they can live in your tank. The ropefish, reedfish or snakefish, once you catch it while fishing you may get a heart attach. Koi fish is one of the most adorable pets you can own. Platy Fish. Bloodfin Tetras: This fish is mainly identified by its shining silver body and red fins. You will find our prices extremely competitive in the U.S. market and we work hard to make wild caught fish accessible and affordable to everyone in the hobby. We are always striving to offer new and different varieties, something for every type of fish lover! Most tetras are a very active schooling fish that work well in a peaceful community aquarium. What if I told you that such devices exist today? His favorite aquariums are biotopes (Amazon River),  with Echinodorus and Angelfish. Despite its strange mouth Hypancistrus prefers live feed, while the other cat fish feeds by scraping off some doubtfully tasty stuff from the stones. Snakefish has adapted for life in Africa and it can afford even to go to some other pond, if the old one isn’t good enough any more, since the fish can breathe outer air. A common Arowana can be purchased for around $50 to a few hundred dollars. Compatible With: Zebra danios … There are so many African cichlids we could list here. A relatively plain looking fish as an adult so you may be wondering why this Cichlid makes our most exotic freshwater fish list. is the premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium Forum on the web. Since many of them are often confused as saltwater fish by many people who see them for the first time, I felt that it was best to include most of African lake cichlids in one group. In the wild the fish lives in Amazon river, just as it used to inhabit during the Jurassic period. Oh, besides the fish unusual coloring it also has a cupule instead of the usual mouth. Just a little time ago nobody new about such a fish till someone in Taiwan has bred some cichlid species to get such a miracle. There are much more odd-looking fishes in the world, for sure, but we’d like to name those, which are usually on the market and they are affordable and simple in care. How to keep, breed, choose tank mates. Have you heard about fugu-fish? This is one crazy looking exotic freshwater fish. By Anandarajkumar. Beautiful, bold, and unique looking they are difficult to resist if you have a big enough aquarium. You’ll see it once you look at a usual smirk on its face and try to look into its always shifty eyes. The Platy Fish, is another great choice for beginner fish keepers. They get very large and are usually housed in an aquarium at least 125 gallons or larger. Our goal is to provide you with quality fish from around the world. They are an aggressive Cichlid species and prefer large tanks all to themselves. Care guides, Reviews, Tank Help, Tips and more! Her name comes from her big front teeth. Large, small, peaceful, easy and hard to keep tropical freshwater fishes. Also, the fish creates quite strong electric field which helps it to get the direction in space, look for food and communicate with its partners. Thanks in advance for your support! They also swim like small airships, this way ignoring age-old principles of other fishes. All of our fish are Premium Quality Fish from the best suppliers in the world. Our Author has written special for you. Aquarium Fish Depot is the largest freshwater fish warehouse on the West Coast. An extremely popular freshwater fish due to its prehistoric cosmetic appearance, the Arowana is well known exotic freshwater fish. We specialize in importing and breeding rare and exotic fish from around the world. They are best suited for a species only aquarium with most aquarists who keep them only have a single fish in the tank. Several times in this video his Wolf Cichlid went right for his fingers while eating and splashes water over his floors! There are various varieties of rare freshwater fishes available for sale. Best Aquarium Controller - Tank Automation Is Here! The fish looks very attractive and unusual in a tank, it’s very interesting how it swims and eats its small tank mates as well. Actually, the fish is more like a fish, than a knife. is your source for aquarium supplies, fish tanks, and even live tropical fish at guaranteed lowest prices! The Vampire Tetra or also knows as Payara is a truly remarkable fish, rare to see in home aquariums and it’s not recommended for beginner aquarist. However, through the years he’s had experience of keeping almost all types of freshwater fish and shrimps. It is said that Japanese Koi are able to climb large waterfalls bravely, which symbolizes that incredible achievement is possible with hard work. The fish becomes large, it’s omnivorous and it fights all its tank mates. They are a hardy fish, and they can eat regular fish flakes. Yes, it has its own number – serious stuff, no games here! Many varieties like Snowball, Zebra,Golden Nugget, and Royal Plecos are examples on how exotic looking Plecos can be. In Japanese culture, the Koi fish is celebrated as a noble creature. They are very aggressive fish that require expert level maintenance. But all snakeheads have one thing in common – they are somewhat alike snakes, they eat everything that moves and some of them have pretty real fangs. No cheating, just breeding! They are difficult to find and usually available seasonally from breeders. "Just bought a freshwater tropical fish tank with all gear necessary to operate it in same environment (Saudi Arabia A/C'd home) from colleagues moving away and am ready to set it up, but haven't kept fish for a long time. Freshwater Fish for Beginners. By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon and other partners are affiliate links. Of course, you can’t talk about exotic freshwater aquarium fish without mentioning Cichlids. We also specialize in grow - out’s such as Arowanas, Cichlids, Plecos, and Catfish, and are breeder’s of many types of Angelfish, Cichlids and L Series Plecos. We love our work, and we are very responsible. The rarest stingrays also command high price tags. There are several types of Plecos that will sell for over $100 though. We don’t spam. Some on these fish make the list because they sell for ridiculous prices, others for color and variety, some are extremely aggressive, and one of them has crazy looking teeth. Aquarium Store Depot earns a commission if you make a purchase. Bettas are a pretty popular fish primarily because they’re so exotic looking. We are a small business that aims to provide quality fish and service that reflects our passion for fish and their care. They get very large and are usually housed in an aquarium at least 125 gallons or larger. Koi fish is undeniably the most adorable fish to pet because of their vivid, catchy colors and energetic nature. We are going to go over 10 of the most exotic freshwater fish in the hobby. Guppies A colorful freshwater aquarium fish that are perfect for beginners are Guppies. Visit our warehouse in San Diego or view fish for sale on our website Shop pages. When You’re Starting a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium Know the Different Types of Tropical Fish. It is also said in Koi lore that if a Koi fish is caught, it will lie on the cutting board awaiting its death without fear, similar to the Samurai warriors. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Freshwater aquarium fish. He has a lifetime of knowledge and experience with freshwater fish. Welcome to Freshwater Tropical Fish Online! So, this one is a close relative of our dwarf puffer. Guppies. Freshwater fish require a little less maintenance than saltwater fish. In a tank dwarf puffer bravely bites other fishes fins, it swallows small tank fish without even chewing it. They are a total handful, they are usually best kept alone in a tank as they will harass any other fish in the aquarium and they are scary to feed. These fish do not mess around! All this odd stuff is gathered in one small round body of dwarf puffer. So if you are looking to start a new tank or want to add to your community tank, we have a variety of fish … Freshwater Angelfish. Take a look! There are freshwater varieties that originate from the Amazon. They are very … One such stingray at the Taiwan Expo featured a Polka Dot Stingray with an asking price of $100,000! New Freshwater Fish. He’s been fond of aquarium husbandry since his early childhood. Oh, and its head protuberance – its distinctive feature, heh – no brain in it, just fat. We have 380-aquariums with lots-and-lots of popular aquarium fish plus lots-and-lots of rare fish! There, such shape of its body, as well as its cupule, helps the fish to hold on to stones. Most Expensive – Platinum Arowana $300,000, Chloroquine Phosphate Aquarium Dosing Calculator. I would say that these may be only somebody’s mothers-in-law.. With such great history, lore, and respect for these fish, there is no question for this fish to be #1 on our most exotic freshwater fish list. Exotic Fish Shop is owned and operated by a true aquarium hobbyist. What Has Been Your Experience with These Exotic Freshwater Fish? Live Freshwater Fish shipped right to your door at the lowest prices online only at family-owned and operated That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Keeping Koi as a pet has become customary, especially for Zen gardens, spas, and garden ponds for their beautiful appearance and pleasant personality. Unlike Arowana, this is an optimistic fish. As our name indicates we love rare and exotic fish and try to offer as many as possible.These fishes are very rarely seen in the aquarium and deliver a very cool and attractive look. They are known for jumping as high as 6 feet in the air for prey in the wild and have been known to jump out of aquariums. Every wants a device that can automate many of the mandate tasks of fish and coral keeping. From aquariums to aquarium stands, fish food to filters, heaters to aquarium lighting, we have exactly what you need for your home aquarium! Get the latest on sales, new posts, and new videos! Having your aquarium run automatically is a dream for many fish tank owners. While most hobbyist will think a Pleco is a common freshwater fish, they really are a unique exotic freshwater fish. An extremely popular freshwater fish due to its prehistoric cosmetic appearance, the Arowana is well known exotic freshwater fish. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. They are called aquarium controllers and the technology is now over 10 years old and mature in our industry. The fish is also called black ghost knifefish. If so, share your experiences in the comments below. If you are interested in learning more about African Cichlid tanks and care, please sure to check our earlier blog post. Cory (Corydoras) Catfish. It inhabits in Amazon river basin and the locals have been so impressed by the fish appearance, that they believe their dead relatives souls to transmigrate into this fish. Again, it is native to Africa. His knowledge and experience have developed into a trusted business that imports the highest quality freshwater fish from all over the world. They have giant front teeth which is where the name vampire comes from. It is easily the most aggressive cichlid you can buy and arguably the most aggressive freshwater fish commonly available. This hybrid cichlid was created by breeding a Texas Cichlid and a Flowerhorn Cichlid. In captivity fish doesn’t breed and behaves rather shy, it hides in a tank quiet nooks. There are at least 14 different varieties… We seek to promote and sell equipment that works and understand that sometimes these will be products we do not carry so we are happy to part folks in the right direction :). They are not only known for there exotic … However, before domesticating Koi fish, there is a whole lot of work and research needed because they tend to be more suitable for natural ponds than aquariums. Why the fish was called like this is easy to see from the first glance. When most of us think about stingrays, we think about the saltwater variety. We are direct importers of exotic wild caught plecos and cichlids from South America. African Cichlids. Well, it’s because this fish is hyper aggressive. Founded in 2004, we are one of the oldest and largest forums dedicated to fish owners and enthusiast alike. In Asia, they are considered a bringer of good luck. A macho-fish! New World Cichlids. Most of these fish usually will not live very long in captivity unfortunately. A pessimistic fish, – as any psychologist would say, just by looking at the expression of its face. You are welcome to watch the video and see what these nice fishes can do to other predators. After that he’ll be cursed by any Chinese man, since in the East the fish is considered to be responsible for the presence of money and happiness in the house. From sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rock to premium aquarium supplies, food, and equipment. We consider ourselves to be the link between the world's best sources of fish and the world best customers. Once they realize this voracious truth, they will greet you with shoaling, vying for treats, and purring for attention, which gives you another reason to domesticate them for the rest of your lives. They are considered very challenging where they even intimate advanced aquarium keepers! Beaufortia can quite successfully live in a tank, however it is a demanding fish and needs some special tank conditions. Yes, this is his Majesty Flowerhorn! So, if you are thinking about buying this fish, get ready to like flies and bugs, as much as the fish does, since you’ll have to breed them to feed your pet. The one, that Japanese cook and by eating the fish at the same time expose themselves to danger of poisoning. In the wild elephantnose fish prefers bottom water layers, where it finds a lot of tasty food in the mud with its trunk. Some things to think about when selecting freshwater aquarium fish: Aquarium Type: One of the first things new hobbyists should consider before buying fish is what type of tank will be kept.Some of the more common aquarium types are a tropical community tank, … Selling an almost new Tropical D-Allio Plus Granules 1000 ml - just opened for one-time testing and review purpose Tropical D-Allio Plus Granulate is a special, complete, granulated food with added garlic for all freshwater and marine fish with high nutritional needs. Are you looking information just about When You’re Starting a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium Know the Different Types of Tropical Fish? They command a high price tag since they are hard to find. This colorful and lively fish is able to adapt to a variety of water conditions which is one of … TOP-10 exotic and coolest freshwater aquarium fishes includes: arowana, ropefish, butterflyfish, dwarf puffer, flowerhorn, snakehead and so on. You can see the prized fish in the video below: Have you kept any of these fish on this list? LiveAquaria is the largest online shop for all of your fish needs. They in fact do exist, and many do an excellent job of making your aquarium keeping life easier than ever before! And why not? Tetras do best in well-planted aquariums. When seeing the fish for the first time ever, you won’t even get that this is a fish..since this is something flat with eyes and a tail, looks like sand dab, but it’s not it, this is a chinese hillstream loach! Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish (2005) ( David Alderton ) 500 Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species [ full citation needed ] Their graceful movements by flexing their bodies and tail combined with the outré colors, charming personality, and incredible social adaptability are some of their glorious traits. Tetras are an amazing community fish! A numbered cat fish, which inhabits in Brazil and for some period of time it has been so actively exported from there, that now it’s prohibited. The Payara doesn’t usually live long in captivity, probably 6 months to 1 years, but there have been reported some cases living up to 2 years. Discus belong to the Cichlid genus and originate from South America. Actually, this is a small fish, which inhabits in fast rivers with strong flow in the wild. Thank you for visiting! Elephantnose. So, if you are someone who's been thinking to keep Koi as a pet animal. Though, the fish is completely harmless towards people, but we can’t say the same as for any small fish. If you need a hand putting together an order, just give us a call, we offer a text/cell number to professionally assist you 7-days week. They acknowledge their owners as someone who brings them delicious food. African Cichlids. They usually only eat live fish and will rarely accept frozen foods. It also inhabits in Africa (strangely, all odd creatures inhabit there), and the fish gets so exited by the stuff that flies above the water surface, that everything swimming in the water never attracts the fish attention. We offer a great selection of rare wild caught South American Discus, L-series Plecos, South American cichlids, and other oddball fish. Purchase the rare exotic freshwater fish at a very reasonable and discounted price. It quietly eats everything and anything, even birds being heedless and sitting on the low tree branches. However, certain Arowanas can fetch extreme price tags. They can be expensive, have a variety of colors, are very delicate, and require excellent water parameters. And what is more, if after all you decide to keep this fish in your tank, you’ll have to either buy a swiss file or a pack of snails. Koi Fish Care - Simple and PRACTICAL Tips and Tricks, Bird Cage Setup - the Perfect Home for Your Pet, Christmas Moss - Care, Propagation, & Issues, CO2Art Pro-Elite Regulator review – AN IN-DEPTH LOOK, Price – Usually around $150-200 at 6 inches, Max Size – Up to 24 inches though usually 6-7 inches, Temperament – Semi-Aggressive to Aggressive, Most Expensive – Showcase African Varieties usually $120+, Most Expensive – Breeder Showcase Varieties $500+, Most Expensive – Mated Pair Discus $1,000+, Most Expensive – Polka Dot Stingray $100,000.

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